Grow Your Business Using Google Maps

Grow Your Business Using Google Maps

While getting found online is a top priority for most business owners, many often struggle with where to start. One thing’s for sure – you’ll want to get Google on your side by not only tying it into your website but also tapping into their suite of services to highlight your company to the most relevant users. Follow the three steps below to improve your Google Maps results and get in front of more potential customers.

1. Add a Map Your Website

If search engine optimization (SEO) is part of your digital marketing strategy, then you already know that your website should be feeding Google with as much information as possible to appear in relevant searches. That’s why embedding a Google Map can have a significant impact on your organic search ranking. This will not only help users on your site find you more quickly but also signal to Google that you’re the real deal.

2. Manage Your Google My Business Listing

Claiming your Google My Business listing is one of the easiest and cheapest (we’re talking free) ways to connect with more customers. Integrated with both their map and search functionality, users will be able to find you based on both keywords and proximity. 

When creating your Google My Business listing, you’ll include the essentials like address, name, and phone number, and use keywords in your industry to get in front of relevant searchers. For example, if you own a hot yoga studio in Moncton, NB, ensuring that “yoga studio” is tagged on your listing will let yogis know you’re an option when searching for a place to flow in the Hub City – namaste! 

3. Leverage Reviews

Have you ever done such a great job that a customer didn’t know how to thank you? We know the perfect gift – a five-star review! Raving fans can help grow your business by writing a review on your Google My Business listing. By sharing their experience, they make other people feel more comfortable choosing you – after all, 86% of consumers read local business reviews before making a buying decision. 

Google rewards credibility and consistency, so the more people endorsing your business as a place they like to go – the better. Don’t sweat getting a bad review, either; you can handle those in a way that doesn’t damage your reputation.

Improve Your Online Presence

Leveraging Google Maps is a great addition to your digital marketing strategy if you want to increase traffic to your website, reach more prospects, and attract new customers. 

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